5 Common Cloud Computing Security Myths Debunked

With the growing popularity of cloud computing and a tide of rave reviews by employers who say it has revolutionized business operations, there will undoubtedly be naysayers who decry all the technology’s faults. Many of the cynics of cloud computing say that it is only a fool’s paradise – that it is a fad that will fade as soon as the next computing crazy hits the market. Their number one concern, though, is security. Contrarians to this revolutionizing technology warn that just as soon as a business switches over to the cloud that everything from financial records to client records are at risk of being breached by hackers. However, these rumors and myths couldn’t be further from the truth. Cloud computing is actually safer than any other computer technology before it. Here are 5 common cloud computing security myths debunked.

  1. One of the biggest myths is that onsite data storage is safer than the cloud. Surprisingly, onsite data storage, on average, yields more outages and downtime than cloud servers in off-site locations. The truth of the matter is that cloud storage is 99% safer than storing private and business data on servers on-site. Moreover, if there are outages in the cloud the problems are rectified much sooner than on-site.
  2. Another myth is that businesses are not switching over to the cloud because of security issues. The truth of the matter is that businesses are not switching over to the cloud because of the widely propagated myth that it isn’t safe. The number one thing hindering the technology is people’s trepidations and not the actual fact that cloud computing is not secure.
  3. One other myth is that all cloud computing services are the same and that it is hard to find one that is right for a specific business’ unique needs. In the old days this might have been a little bit truer, but now there are cloud computing businesses that are offering custom plans, tailored to your business’ distinctive needs. In fact, many of these companies will be willing to bend over backward to try and get your business and because the technology is so dynamic they can probably find a bespoke solution that is perfect your company.
  4. People also believe that cloud computing could be a potential waste of IT resources. The truth is that that software management cloud computing services actually make it easier for the IT department, because their job is essentially streamlined. Moreover, they can deal with employee device issues remotely even if they are on a smartphone or a tablet, which can be a huge boon to businesses that want to maximize productivity.
  5. Lastly, one of the biggest reasons why companies aren’t adopting cloud computing is because they believe that cloud service providers aren’t providing enough transparency about security issues. Old schoolers believe that the safety of cloud computing is a myth to increase converters, but the fact is that they haven’t even thought to stop and ask directly what some of the security issues are. A cloud computing service provider will be glad to go over all the security issues with an employer. Perhaps it will take more than just debunking a bunch of myths to get people to switch over to the cloud, like keeping an open mind and looking at their business’ bottom line. Then maybe they’ll change their minds.

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