5 Common Mistakes That Bloggers Make

Blogging can do wonders for businesses and individuals seeking to make names for themselves on the web. By getting started in blogging, you can make a website more engaging and interactive, or write independently on any topic of your choosing. However, many blogs are fraught with common mistakes that keep them from achieving their fullest potential. Avoid these common mistakes to make sure that your blogging project is a success.

  1. Updating Infrequently and Irregularly
    Every blog needs a regular and frequent update schedule in order to be successful. Readers hate nothing more than visiting a blog several times, only to be met with the same old content. In order to build a solid readership, your blog needs frequent updates on a regular schedule. Many blogging platforms feature an automatic publishing schedule utility which allows you store your already written articles for scheduled publication any time you like. Use these tools and constantly generate fresh content to keep your blog in the front of readers’ minds.
  2. Focusing Too Heavily On SEO
    Search engine optimization is one of the more popular internet marketing techniques of the day, frequently touted as an essential aspect of any marketing campaign as well as a cost effective means of gaining increased exposure. While SEO is an important concern for webmasters, focusing too heavily on it can be detrimental to a blog’s success. SEO relies heavily on keywords and link building, and many bloggers focus on these things while forgetting what is really important; generating interesting content that the audience wants to read.
  3. Lack of Promotional Efforts
    If you fail to tell people about your blog, how can you expect them to become readers? Every blog starts out small, but the ones that become popular and successful are those which are actively promoted. There are plenty of opportunities for promoting your blog on the web. Social Media networks, for example, allow you to share your content with hundreds of friends and acquaintances at once. Securing guest-writing spots on other blogs can help you reach new audiences. Promote your blog constantly to build a vast and varied readership.
  4. Writing Too Much
    Unfortunately, many people today simply don’t like to read. Excessively long and wordy blog articles can be a turn off for readers who want to get their information as quickly as possible. Just because you can write 2,000 words on any given subject, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. Shorter articles are easier to read and assimilate quickly, making them more apt to be read fully and shared. Don’t turn your audience away with a wall of text; invite them in with comfortably sized articles they can enjoy quickly.
  5. Choosing the Wrong Blog Layout
    Sometimes a blog’s layout just simply isn’t right. A poorly designed blog is just as unattractive to readers as a poorly written blog, so be sure to keep yours looking its best. Browse¬†premium WordPress themes from TemplateMela and other great sources to find the perfect template for your blog. Spending a little extra to get the perfect layout is a great way to utilize your available funds. Go with the right layout for your blog to bring visitors in and keep them coming back.

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