5 Characteristics of Great Web Design

You’ll know a great website when you visit one. In the 20 or so years since the Internet has been in the hands of consumers, websites have changed a lot. For instance, with the rising Internet speeds video has been a crucial component of the web. Ten years ago this wouldn’t have be possible, because of extremely slow streaming speeds. Moreover, everything is faster, shinier and more advanced, but is this only result of our present perception? Will we look back at the websites of today and say, “That was so yesterday”? One thing is for certain, there are a few key factors that make a website great in this day and age. Here are 5 characteristics of great web design.

  1. Simple layout. It might have been in vogue 5 years ago to fill a site with lots of design elements, but if you look at an easy to navigate and intuitive website today, it is as simple as simple can be. A great website cuts the fat and only leaves what’s necessary, like the menu, text, images and videos. If there is too much on one page it will find an intuitive and clever way to organize the information so that it is not too cluttered. Having too many elements on a page can make it hard to navigate and slow load time of pages.
  2. Beautiful color choices. A great website uses colors to its advantage. Yet, many websites seem to use colors to its disadvantage. For instance, it can be extremely hard to read text on a black background if the words are in white or yellow. A great website will have a white or cream-colored background with black or grey text. Bright colors are to be used sparingly or only where necessary, like headers and functional buttons.
  3. A great website will also use text to its advantage. A beautiful website will have a perfect hierarchy of text font weights. The typical size for body text on a website is between 10 and 12 points. Too small and you risk people not be able to ready anything. Too large and your site can look a little goofy. For header and menu text, between 14 and 16 points is a good average.
  4. Also, websites today are carefully structured in a grid pattern for a reason. If you look a professional’s portfolio, likeĀ Advia Internet, you will see a number of clean and structured websites with easy to navigate links below the header and the footer. While there is plenty of opportunity for creativity when designing a website, you want to work within a certain parameter. Structure is everything when it comes to great website design.
  5. Lastly, one of the most crucial elements of website design is load time. It is recommended to always design a website for a platform that doesn’t require a heavy script, like Flash. Only a few years ago people were at least a little more patient and could wait for a website homepage to download, but today it is unforgivable to make people wait more than a few seconds.

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