5 Great Apps for Chronic Pain Sufferers

Living with chronic pain is never easy, and sufferers often feel helpless about their conditions. Any kind of medical issue, aside from making daily activities painful and comfortable, causes life to become much more complicated. Sufferers of chronic pain, however, can use their smart phones to make life much easier for themselves. The following great apps can help you manage your chronic pain and live a more satisfying life with the help of modern mobile technology.

  1. My Pain Diary
    For patients suffering from chronic pain, it is highly important to monitor their conditions on a daily basis. This practice, while time consuming and inconvenient, helps you and your doctors to better gauge your condition, monitor your body’s recovery and prescribe appropriate treatment. My Pain Diary is a great app that can help you monitor your pain from day to day. Document any changes in your condition, find correlations between daily stress and intensifying pain, and use the information that you gather to make your life easier. Keeping track of your condition has never been easier.
  2. Pocket Yoga
    Relief is endlessly important when you suffer from chronic pain. While many forms of exercise may be too strenuous to bear, a light yoga routine is extremely beneficial as a form of pain relief. When your body experiences a healthy amount of activity on a daily basis it becomes both stronger and more flexible, helping relieve your pain by improving your physical condition. Pocket Yoga helps you to design your own mellow workouts by providing diagrams and instructions for yoga poses that can help relieve your pain.
  3. Muscle Trigger Points
    Chronic pain is often caused by muscle tension, swelling, strain, tightness and other common problems with musculature. Dealing with your pain becomes much easier when you understand exactly what is going on under your skin, and Muscle Trigger Points is a great app that teaches you all about your own muscles. Find pressure and trigger points in your strained muscle groups that will help relieve your tension when it becomes too much to bear. You can be your own personal massage therapist with this great app.
  4. Universal Breathing
    The power of breathing should never be underestimated. Controlled breathing is a great stress reliever, and it can help you deal with both your mental stresses and your physical pain. Pranayama is a brand of yoga that is heavily focused on controlled breath, and Universal Breathing is a fantastic app that guides you through tried and true breath control routines. Practicing this specific form of yoga on a regular basis helps make you more calm and stress free, offering much needed relief from your chronic pain.
  5. Epocrates
    Medication is a part of almost every┬ácomprehensive pain management plan, and it can seem almost impossible to keep track of multiple prescriptions for your condition. Epocrates is one of the most popular apps on the market for dealing with this problem. Learn all about your medications and their interactions, and find great information about over the counter drugs at the same time. If you’re on a medication regimen, this is a great app to have on your side.

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