SocialFlow Secures $10 Million in Funding

SocialFlow is an industry leader in the world of social media marketing, offering a service that helps brands to optimize their social media efforts in a number of different ways. The technology offered by SocialFlow gives businesses greater insight into this aspect of marketing by guiding them in social media message posting and promoting. Now, with $10 million in funding recently secured, SocialFlow is set to advance even further in the social media optimization market.

Fairhaven Capital took the lead in this round of Series B funding that scored millions for SocialFlow. That significant funding will go into plans for expansion, both in the company’s product line-up and its partnerships with other businesses.

In terms of potential, SocialFlow has plenty of room to grow. The company’s two most valuable tools, called Cadence and Crescendo, are used by companies all over the world to plan and implement social media marketing strategies. As its name implies, the Cadence tool is very much related to timing and consistency in posting. This tool is programmed to find times when the company’s audience will be most receptive to social media posts, and publish updates automatically at the ideal times. Cadence monitors the audience’s response to posts and adjusts posting time and frequency accordingly.

Crescendo, SocialFlow’s more recent addition to its arsenal, helps businesses determine which ads and posts deserve paid promotion. Technology like this is surprisingly powerful and useful in internet marketing, a field in which it can be difficult to track results and gauge the effectiveness of ad campaigns. Using SocialFlow’s tools, any business can easily optimize this side of its online marketing strategy without outsourcing to social media specialists.

Naturally, there are other companies trying to cash in on the potential of this kind of technology. SocialFlow has bested many of its competitors up to this point, but several competing companies have recently been bought out by larger corporations. Companies like Vitrue and Buddy Media have been assimilated by larger forces, and the companies were acquired at values that stretched into the hundreds of millions. Clearly, SocialFlow is not alone in this industry. This new round of funding should help them solidify their place in the market and become a major force in internet marketing.

At this time, SocialFlow is not actively discussing its own valuation. The company’s reasons for this are unclear, but they have made statements confirming that revenues are in 7 figures and the company has been growing significantly. With profits in quarter 1 of 2013 that have already eclipsed 2012′s total booking, SocialFlow is obviously on track for success in theĀ online advertising software industry.

Several big name clients are already backing SocialFlow as paying customers. In industries as varied as automotive, retail, hospitality and mass media, many companies have already turned to SocialFlow’s Cadence and Crescendo tools for their social media marketing needs. With names like Burberry and Walmart on its side, this New York company doesn’t need to worry about collecting its share of profits. Still, the fight against rival companies will not be easy.

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