KNCTR Entertainment Platform

free voip calls KNCTR Entertainment PlatformIt is known that companies that are innovative will perform much better in the long run than companies who do not introduce new and creative ideas in the market. For a company to stand out, it has to do something that has been done by others either more efficiently or differently. KNCTR known for free VoIP calls in North America also offers a extremely exciting entertainment menu that is meant to add value to the existing call service. To access the extraordinary service only requires a simple download of the KNCTR software that takes a few minutes. A successful download takes a user to the main application window that has the options of making free calls, daily video content and favorite social network connections.

The KNCTR Services

  • KNCTR offers VoIP free call services enables a user to make clear calls within the US and Canada. After download and installing the app, all user need to activate a phone module by simply providing email address, name and gander, after that everyone is ready for making calls by plugging in a microphone and headset to the computer. In case someone downloads the service on a laptop, it is possible to call back home from anywhere in the world as long as there is a reliable internet connection available.
  • The daily video content is an exciting service found on the application video that runs on the screen on the activation of the application. This service offers selected video channels that keep users up to date on the latest celebrity news, sports and movie trailers. If a user is working on their computer, they have no need to search for newspapers and TV channels to keep up to date as the information is presented right before them. It is easy to keep up with the latest celebrity gossip, sports scores and trailers for upcoming movies from one source.
  • The KNCTR social media network allows users to stay connected with all their favorite social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as to receive news from selected RSS feeds on one screen that puts up updates as they arrive. A user does not have to keep toggling between different websites.

KNCTR Entertainment Platform – Review

Users have responded positively to the new design with greater functionality and an expanded social media and entertainment platform by joining the KNCTR Entertainment service in droves. The company has utilized user feedback to great effect by allowing them to suggest service improvements on the site. True to the company name which is supposed to be pronounced as connected, the company has ensured a smooth connection of its viewers through mobile devices such as tablets. The slogan one application, many possibilities totally captures the functionality of the KNCTR and its daily videos.

Of particular note is that the KNCTR Entertainment Platform – Review announced by Microsoft Corporation hailed the application as “the next generation of social integrated entertainment media that is a fun and easy to use application” Another user reviewed the service “I love this desktop application, it is a free call service combined with every other entertainment news and online story out there”.

It is clear that KNCTR has a extremely powerful and unique application. With the kind of innovation shown by the company in creating this product, it is clear that the company will always be a step ahead of the competition. By the time, the competition dream of such a comprehensive free to use service. KNCTR will be launching the next big thing in entertainment.

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