Apple and Yahoo Discuss a Future Together

Apple and Yahoo sounds like a strange combination, but it is one that could generate some interesting results. A partnership between these two organizations could change the face of modern technology as we know it. This partnership, it seems, may be coming quicker than anyone had anticipated.

For the past several years, Apple and Google have been at the top of the food chain with regards to many aspects of the technology industry. Apple still holds a strong place in the hardware market as a popular manufacturer of personal computers, smart phones and tablets, while Google has continued to retain its place as the number one search engine. However, the relationship between these two tech giants appears to be strained, and a new partnership between Apple and Yahoo may be on the rise.

Recently, the market has seen Apple begin to push Google off of its platforms. The smart phone giant has been making an effort to remove Youtube and Google Maps from its mobile devices, which would deal a serious blow to Google. It seems as though Apple is trying to break free from the stranglehold that Google is tightening on the web search and browsing platforms, but this is a transition that will be difficult to make. Google is undisputed as the best in internet searching, and its Chrome browser is one of the most popular on the market. If Apple wants to continue offering the best hardware, it will be tough to do so without Google software.

But where does Yahoo come into this picture? Yahoo does not have its own mobile hardware, it has no mobile operating system, it lacks a social network, and has never had its own browser. Frankly, it’s surprising that a company with none of these features has been able to survive in today’s market. It speaks to Yahoo’s appeal and strength as a force in the tech world, and a partnership with Apple could push them back into the lime light as a major player in the mobile revolution.

Interestingly, as it begins to disavow Google, Apple is also beginning to incorporate more Yahoo software into its devices. Yahoo is already present on Apple devices as the backbone of the Stocks and Weather apps, and Apple’s new Siri functionality is also run on Yahoo data. When iPhone users ask Siri a question, it relies on Yahoo for its answers, rather than Google. In the future, Yahoo could make its way into more and more of Apple’s pre-loaded apps, which would be a major development for both companies.

Reports indicate that the two companies are currently in discussion about the possibility of expanding their partnership in the future, but it remains to be seen where these talks will lead. As of now they are nothing more than talks, but that could very well change in the near future. Apple’s ties with Google, as well as Yahoo’s ties with Microsoft, might stand in their way for now. However, these two giants might be joining forces in unexpected ways very soon.

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