5 Tips for Increasing Your Adwords Click-Through Rate

adwords ctr google  5 Tips for Increasing Your Adwords Click Through RateOne of the main goals for Adwords advertisers is to increase their click-through rate (CTR). A higher CTR can lead to a better quality score, increase in traffic, higher ad placement and lower click costs. There are many ways to increase CTR from capitalizing the first letter of every word to testing different titles. Here are some tips that you probably haven’t heard much about.

Tip #1: Start with a Higher Bid
Many advertisers start with low bids because it can help control the budget, but this will lead to a lower ad placement. Rather than going with this route, you should try raising your cost per click bid and control your budget by setting limits to your daily spending. This will allow the ad to receive more clicks and a better chance in getting a higher CTR. From here, you can adjust accordingly to make your numbers work.

Tip #2: Make Your Title Stand Out from Competitors
The most common tip is to include the keyword in your title. However, almost all advertisers use this trick to boost their CTR. Instead, try a title that grabs the attention of the user without even adding the keyword in the title. This may help distinguish your ad since all the other ads have bolded keywords in the title. You can ask questions, state a unique benefit or even say something a bit controversial. You should, however, include the keyword in the body text of your ad to ensure relevancy.

Tip #3: Improve Your Targeting
Aside from keyword matching, you should test different targeting options. Try to target users by location, day parting, language, gender, etc. Start with a normal campaign and test each option until you’ve found a combination that boost your CTR. You’ll also find that you can remove clicks that do not result in any conversions through targeting.

Tip #4: Try Sitelink Extensions
Sitelink extensions are links to other pages on your site. The links are placed below your main ad and can help lead users to other relevant pages that may interest them. This can be implemented if your ad is placed above the organic results. Although it may seem like it would distract users from the main URL, many advertisers have seen an increase in profits as a result of this strategy.

Tip #5: Add Review Extensions and Social Extensions
Adding review extensions can increase CTR and also influence visitors to make a purchase. Google Shopping collects data from many sources as well as using Google Wallet to display your review rating. Your rating will only show if it’s four stars and above. You’ll also need to have over 30 reviews before it gets added.

Social extensions (Google+ icon) can help increase CTR as well. It makes your ad seem like it has been approved by Google, giving it more weight than other ads. In order to take advantage of this, you’ll need a Google+ account that’s connected to that domain, and build up +1s.

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