5 Points to Cover When In An Employee Evaluation

employee evaluation 5 Points to Cover When In An Employee EvaluationEvaluation time can be nerve racking for both an employee and a supervisor. For this reason it’s important that certain points be well thought out and covered. This will make the evaluation go by smoothly and ensures that it is a productive meeting. In an employee evaluation it’s important to cover certain points. These points will help the employee know how they are doing and will allow the supervisor the chance to comment on their employee’s performance.


One of the aspects of an employee review that should be covered includes the employee’s commitment to the quality of their work as well as their quality of work. A supervisor should discuss an employee’s quality of work with them as well as what they feel their commitment level is. This means going over how accurate, timely, neat, and thorough their work is.


Along with commitment and quality of work a supervisor should discuss the amount of dedication an employee has. This is an important part of the review process, as it will enable the employee to know where they stand and if they need to improve their level. It will also give the supervisor an insight into the employee’s attitude towards work and if there is anything that the company can do to improve it. Points to cover include whether or not they arrive at work ready to do their best and if they always put in their best effort.


A big part of an employee’s job performance review is their knowledge of their job. This means whether or not they have the expertise in their field and if they need to obtain more training. Usually during reviews an employee will be given new tasks to learn and cover which will then be covered in the next review. It’s also important to take into account an employee’s willingness to learn and better themselves to make the company stronger.


A supervisor should go over how effectively an employee manages their time. It’s important to go over whether or not goals are accomplished on schedule and how productive the employee is. If there are any issues then suggestions can be brought up that may help an employee better manage their time and increase productivity.


Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of the hiring process as well as review process is whether or not an employee takes initiative in their job. It’s important to consider how effectively an employee demonstrates independent actions and resourcefulness regarding their job and finding new methods. It’s important that employees seek to add constructive suggestions to the workplace and look for solutions and in the process are willing to make them happen.

When it comes to employee reviews it can be stressful for all parties involved. By considering which points should be covered and being prepared the process can be much smoother. Reviews are important as they help employees evaluate their own performance and the process also allows supervisors the chance to get an employee’s perspective. Employee reviews are to better both the employee and the company and they should not be met with dread.

About the author:

Sam Moser is a freelance web content writer who graduated from the School of Journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. An avid employee, Sam always makes sure that he fills the employee evaluation forms honestly.

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