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The world, as always, is changing. While our planet keeps spinning on its axis, in endless rotation in its orbit around the sun, the human population continues to grow and alter the face of the Earth. The only difference now from generations past is that a growing portion of the population is trying to find ways to reverse the damage that our species has done. Over the course of our history we have found more and more efficient ways to strip the natural world of resources that can be used to make our lives better or easier in some way, but all too often the price has been mounting pollution, waste, and loss of habitat. And it seems that the consequences are finally catching up to us thanks to global warming, not to mention byproducts like inclement weather and melting polar ice caps. The upside is that the public in general is finally becoming aware of the damage that has been done. And thanks to a multitude of resources in the online and mobile arenas, you can learn about the latest environmental news, including not only crises, but also eco-friendly advances.

The SmartPlanet application for the iPhone is your one-stop virtual shop for everything eco to cross the newswires. Ostensibly an aggregator, this application allows you access to the ongoing green discussion happening on every corner of the worldwide web. Perhaps you have a personal interest in preserving natural habitat or stopping deforestation. While this application won’t offer suggestions on organizations you might join in order to pursue your causes in a concrete manner, you will find plenty of information concerning issues like deforestation, endangered species, and proposed mining operations, just for example. This could give you plenty of ideas about where to donate, who to write to in protest, and perhaps even which groups you want to become active with.

But perhaps you’re looking at this from a business perspective. Maybe you own a green blog and you’re always in search of topics to discuss with your readership. This app can certainly give you the fodder you need thanks to constant updates and features like the latest news, the most popular articles trending on the web, and even access to blogs and authors so that you can find more content from sources you like. Whether you want information on sustainability, consumer products, or the current health status of our planet, you’ll find it here, and for free, to boot.

Of course, your interests might tend towards sustainable (and money-saving) changes you could make at home or at your business, and here, too, SmartPlanet delivers. AsĀ environmental data resources go, this is one of the best for providing you with up-to-date information on the latest advances in green technology. You can learn about alternative energy sources, green innovation, and even which eco-disasters and the most likely to strike in the future. In short, you can sift through the vast sea of information on the web concerning the environment and use it to piece together a plan that allows you to do your part for a cleaner, greener tomorrow for all of us. SmartPlanet lives up to its name by making the inhabitants of Earth a little smarter, one eco-article at a time.

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