Samsung Plans to Open Mini-Stores Inside of Best Buy Locations

Here are some interesting facts about Samsung’s mobile phones. Currently, it is the most shipped smartphone in the entire world (57 million of them were shipped out in the third quarter of 2012 alone). It is the number one handset and smartphone vendor around. And if you’re someone who looks for a variety of smartphones to choose from, Samsung is sure to not disappoint. It currently offers 153 different types of cell phones.

So yes, to say that it is Apple’s iPhone competition would be a major understatement. Seemingly, not one year goes by when both companies are not in the news for filing some kind of lawsuit against the other. In many ways, people would probably say they are a lot like rival high schools: highly competitive and out to win. No matter what their opponent may have planned.

For this reason, it will be indeed interesting to see how Apple responds to one of the latest announcements from Samsung. One that, in many ways, seems like it was pulled right out of Apple’s playbook. Very shortly, Samsung will be opening approximately 1,400 mini-stores within Best Buy locations throughout the country. Reportedly, there will be 500 Samsung Experience Shops that will make their debut on April 8, with 400 more premiering in May; by summertime, all 1,400 stores will be open and accessible to the public.

These mini-stores that will vary in size (with the largest one being 460 square feet) while providing Samsung consumers the ability to view and order all of their products from smartphones and laptops to cameras and tablets.
Although at one point, Samsung had considered opening their own stores, they finally came to the conclusion that it would be smarter to actually partner up with Best Buy, currently the world’s largest consumer electronics retailer, instead.

Aside from being able to purchase the Samsung items within Best Buy, there will also be a service offered that is similar to Best Buy’s Geek Squad. If you are interested in purchasing a Samsung product, there will be what is known Samsung Experience Consultants who will be on-site to provide you with all kinds of demonstrations, product information, warranty registration, Samsung account set-up assistance as well as any post-purchase set up assistance that you might need as it relates to anything from a Samsung Ultrabook to¬†Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories.

According to Dale Sohn, president of Samsung Telecommunications America, one of the reasons why his company believes that this is such a good idea is due the fact that all electronic consumers want to feel like they should not only see, firsthand and offline, the different kinds of products that are available to them, but they also want the assurance that there is an expert who can assist them with any questions, comments or concerns that they might have. From Sohn’s perspective, having these mini-stores will only make Samsung a stronger product within the marketplace.

Looks like Apple has some more strategizing to do. There was once a time when they were untouchable but Samsung is definitely giving them a run for their money. Literally.

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