How Good Customer Service Helps Build SEO Back Links

Customer Service and SEO Backlink How Good Customer Service Helps Build SEO Back LinksMy name is Andy Morley, I have been working in the SEO industry for the last 8 years, throughout this time I have had a long term client who I have been performing SEO for. This client is a company who is extremely good at what they do, they have been trading for over 20 years and in that time have built up a profile in their own industry. The company is called Regal Furnishings, a specialist leisure vehicle upholstery company based in the East Midlands in the UK.

The company ranks extremely well for ALL of its main terms, “caravan upholstery” & “motorhome upholstery” being their two primary services. Regal have always done really well in the SERPs and got in early with regards to internet marketing, out rankings their competitors for a lot of their industry terms.

Naturally Building Links

Regal Furnishings is one of those little “gems” which is every SEO consultant’s dream, because of the natural links it attracts! Regal have always provided a high quality service and offered excellent customer services. These two things combined have contributed to the SEO of the website, here is how…

Word of Mouth, A Powerful Force… Still

By providing high quality services and great customer relations Regal Furnishings have literally built an art of loyal supporters, each of them are more than happy to recommend Regal for the good work they do. In the old days (before the internet) word of mouth was one if the most powerful marketing tools a business owner could possess. The modern world is no different,other than word of mouth can reach a much wider audience in the form of Social Media websites and industry forums.

Because Regal are such a popular company in their industry, their customers have been taking to the social media sites and forums in droves, preaching about the good work Regal do, here is the important part…. They drop hyperlinks to the Regal Furnishings website! Recommending other people use them for their leisure vehicle upholstery needs!

These links are 100% genuine and 100% natural, as an SEO we could t ask for anything more! Links are being built by the CUSTOMERS, this is a massive win in terms of Internet marketing. Social mentions are becoming more and more important to SEO, with a happy loyal customer base sharing your content on social sites you are building those all important social mentions, thus improving your SEO. Review websites are another great source of back links.

What About Poor Customer Service?

This is an odd one! Even poor customer services can help build backlinks if this is your sole aim! I have seen plenty of people complaining about companies they have used and dropping links in forums to the company websites. Although this can help build links it is damaging to the company as a whole.

What Can We Learn?

Happy customers are your friends, they will always recommend you to other people looking to use your services. If you can keep your customers happy you will naturally build yourself an army of sales people, promoting you and your company. Word of mouth has always been a powerful thing, if you can replicate this online then your link building campaign will look after itself to some degree.

Keeping customers happy has many benefits to the business owner, SEO is just one of them. Unhappy customers will still build links for you, however they are damaging your brand and your company image.

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