5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name for Your Website

What’s in a name? As it turns out, there is quite a great significance to names–especially on the web. Your choice of domain naming is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make for your website, and you need to get it right the first time. Picking the perfect domain name can be tricky, but remembering these helpful tips will help you secure the best address your website can get.

  1. Pick a Name with Relevance
    If you’re just starting out, it pays to choose a domain name that accurately describes your content. Every potential visitor who hears your website’s name immediately generates a mental picture illustrating the kind of content they can expect to find on your pages. A name that is descriptive and relevant fulfills your visitors’ expectations before they even see your site for the first time. Domain names that are not descriptive take more time to generate traffic in general.
  2. Start Developing Your Brand
    The web is a great place to start building a brand, and you can use your domain name to work toward this end. A URL that is nothing more than a simple string of words describing your business or content won’t appeal to readers in the same way that a cleverly branded domain name will. Make a list of words that describe what your website will provide, and try to come up with words that can help brand your business as well. Names like Wikipedia and PayPal are perfect examples of this kind of descriptive branding.
  3. Remember Brevity and Simplicity
    As a rule, the shorter domain name is always better. Create your web address using as few words as possible. If you need more than three words to describe your website, then you are either using the wrong words or losing focus on your goals. For an individual presence, try combining your name with the primary focus of your content. If your website is going to be less personal, choose a few words that describe the core values that you want to bring forward. A brief and simple domain name is iconic and easy to remember, qualities which are essential for building healthy traffic.
  4. Opt for Dot-Com Availability
    There are several different suffixes that can attach to a website’s name in order to make it a bona-fide domain, but there are none more ubiquitous than .com; this string of characters has become so pervasive that it is used to describe online entities of all kinds. If a domain is not available as a .com, your best bet is to think of a new name. The average web user assumes a .com name right away, and you could lose traffic to confusion if you opt for a different domain assignment.
  5. Set Yourself Apart from the Rest
    Above all, the most important aspect of name perfection in domains is uniqueness. You should choose a domain name that sets you apart from your competitors. Rather than falling in line with the pack, be bold and daring. You are, after all, a unique person offering something that the internet hasn’t seen yet. Choose a domain name that exemplifies your unique vision, and draw in visitors by offering them something different.

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