10 Checklists of SEO Best Practices

seo best practices 2013 2014Basically, there are many tools you can use to check on your website using mobile devices. However, it will be a lot better if you check it using the right list. It is like checking the best strategy to sell your goods as you display it on your shop window shopping. Here is the checklist.

#1. The Right Hosting

You need a hosting from your targeted audience country. IP addresses will be used by Google to allocate the server. So choose the right hosting for your website.

#2. The ccTLD

It is the country code top level domain. Each country has different one. You need your website to use the right ccTLD for best work.

#3. The Culture, Language, and Content

You absolutely need original and fresh content. It will be best if the content is written by native. However, perfect translation with attention on culture, syntax, and details are agreeable alternative.

#4. External Links

You need this external linking as well. It can be links to organizations, trade group, or your niche. Start with an organization from the targeted country.

#5. The Citation

The online business database, niche directories, pages listings both white and yellow citations should be specific on city, region, and country. Your name, address, and phone number need to be consistent too.

#6. Location Information

You need to give your complete address. Put it on your “about” page, or the “contact”. Write in on plain font.

#7. HTML Language

Declare the language used on your website. You can use the language attribute on HTML to make the declaration. This is very effective and helping.

#8. Geo Target

You will need to make your website very appealing on geo targeting. You can use the Google Webmaster Tools to help you get your ccTLD targeting.

google maps for corporate seo 10 Checklists of SEO Best Practices#9. Get in Google Maps

You need to be more noticed. You can have your business listed on the list. Then, make sure that it is located on Google Maps.

#10. The Google+ Account

There are fields on your Google+ account. Don’t leave it blank. Somehow, it will draw people to access your website.

You can also use the original symbol of a country currency if you have the monetary references there on your website. In addition to it, it only enhances the basic SEO works, so get through it all. Plus, do not use any article but the well translated article for your audience. So, how well do you go so far?

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