Guest Blogging 101: 5 Grave Mistakes to Avoid

guest blogging best practices Guest Blogging 101: 5 Grave Mistakes to AvoidThe Blogosphere can be a great place to market your products and services, and also build up reputation as an individual or entity with expertise, experience, and credibility. While your own blog can definitely be a potent marketing tool, there’s nothing like a few guest blogs to your name to (subtly) spread the word about yourself or offerings. A guest blog has the same power as a recommendation. After all, it is somebody else who thinks you are an authority to write on his treasured blog.

Guest blogging can be a richly rewarding experience, that is, if you can avoid the following five grave mistakes:

1. Failing to Research Guest Blog Guidelines

This is probably the gravest and the most common mistake that aspiring guest bloggers tend to commit. A truly great write-up on reducing weight will not find favor with a blog that focuses on apps that help you become and stay healthy, even though both topics seem to be closely related. That is why it is imperative that you research into the contents and focus of a blog before sending your pitch. It definitely helps if you go through the earlier posts to get an idea about what a blog might want to include.

Similarly, it goes without saying that you MUST adhere to the guidelines of a blog if you want to get published there. These guidelines may be related to the word count, the tone you may or may not use, or the number of links that you may include in your write-up. Blog managers are strict about these rules and expect you to go through them thoroughly before submitting a piece for consideration. Laying down guest blogging guidelines is not an uncommon practice; it is like being expected to stick to the rules of a household when you stay over.

2. Not Being Unique or Providing a Solution to a Problem

While you may be an expert on a subject, you can be sure that there are almost countless reams of paper or rather, bytes of data in the Blogosphere on the various topics in your niche. So, to get your blog post approved, you have to make sure that you have information to provide that is absolutely unique. Whether you have a quirky idea to get across or want to provide a solution to a common problem, you must ensure that your guest blog stands out from the sundry others of its ilk by virtue of its uniqueness.

3. Stuffing Too Many Links in Your Blog Post

While a guest blog can be a great marketing tool, you cannot treat it only as that. So, resist the temptation to “advertise” and stay away from stuffing your post with too many links to your site. You must remember that all blog managers who want to run a site worth its salt are looking for relevant and informative content to woo their readers. So, your blog post that contains links to useful resources has more chances of being accepted than a write-up that looks and reads like a commercial.

4. Not Responding to Blog Comments

In the real world, it is considered downright rude if you do not respond appropriately when being addressed. It is no different in the virtual world, either. Responding to blog comments is the most effective way to engage and interact with your audience that in turn, gets you noticed across the blogging community. And isn’t this what you have been aiming for? By getting noticed, you get to establish a reputation as an expert in your niche, and thus more blog managers feel encouraged to accept your posts and even invite you to write for their blogs.

5. Not Keeping Up the Flow of Posts

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes that a blogger can commit is not to keep the momentum going with his guest posts. After your first post gets published, it is imperative that you do not rest on your laurels but keep pitching ideas for more guest posts. The more you submit to one or more blog sites, the more familiar you become with their policies and the more you get published, the more you are appreciated by the blog manager as someone who speaks in his blog’s voice. You might just be invited to become a regular contributor.

So, now that you know what are the biggest mistakes you can commit whilst guest blogging, it is time you re-worked on your strategies to ensure your blogs get published more often.

About the author:

Aidan Hijleh is a freelance copywriter and serves as the Non-Profit Partnership Liaison for Benchmark Email. Aidan advocates free email marketing services to assist with the flourishing of grassroots organizations.

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