5 Tips for Utilizing Social Media to Promote a Film

Whether you’ve just made an indie film or you are in charge of promoting a big Hollywood blockbuster, social media is great place to get the word out about an upcoming release. Social media is already a great platform to market to a wide network of people, because you can get immediate exposure and the response is usually great. Social media has viral capabilities and the amount of people you can reach is almost endless. If you have a film coming out in theaters or a special screening at a super top-secret location, any of the biggest social media platforms should be your first stop to let people know. Here are 5 tips for utilizing social media to promote a film.

  1. Reach people that matter. Find people who are in the business of promoting films on social media all at once. These can be movie critics, newspaper and magazine editors or even movie bloggers. If you have a film, you can reach all of these people, usually all at once. Make sure to ask them if they would like to attend a screening and then ask them to do a review. Many times their reviews will be posted on their own social media pages, which can offer even more exposure.
  2. You can also present limited and red band trailers on your social media page. If you grow a big enough following, chances are that they will want to be in in the know about all the details of your film. This includes release dates, but also theatrical trailers and trailers that are exclusive to the film’s social media page. So, it is recommend that you edit a special trailer just for your social media fans.
  3. You can keep people up to date with release dates in specific cities. This is sometimes a better and more cost effective way, instead of posting them in local newspapers. You can either have a special page on your social media profile where you can have a list of the current show times or you can make an announcement as to when the next showing will be.
  4. Also, because of DVD burning and other methods that make it hard for filmmakers to make money these days, you can also host a link to view a sneak peak preview on your social media page. Many times you can host your film on a video streaming site, with encryption, so that no one can download it illegally. This might even be more cost effective than releasing the film in stores or on DVD.
  5. Lastly, you can hold contests on your film’s social media profile. You can ask people trivia questions or you can get a little clever, but the key is to get people interested in the contest. You could even ask your social media fans to make their own trailer with a carefully selected reel of footage. Whoever wins gets free tickets or an all expense paid trip to attend the premier. This is a great way to build your film’s social media presence and to get more people to see your film.

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