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Best Apps for Entrepreneurs Business Top Apps for EntrepreneursStarting your own business is a monumental phase in your life. While a lot of startups become huge successes in the end, others simply fail for different reasons. Improving your chances at success does not just mean committing your time, money and energy. At times, the use of simple business applications can actually make a huge difference!

AppExchange has a few apps to offer which can greatly increase your business’ productivity. Find out which ones will best help you with your tasks –

Data Synch (QuickBooks Edition)

This was published by Pervasive Software and offers information sync between Salesforce and QuickBooks. This app makes you say goodbye to time delays while taking away the errors caused by redundant data entries. DataSynch makes workflow a whole lot easier.

Jigsaw (Online Directory)

This is an app that comes at a small fee – $25 each month. It is an online directory that holds business contacts and company information. A worldwide community of experts has created, maintained and accessed this directory. At present, there are over 300,000 members globally. Accessing this directory means your business will have a sales and marketing edge over your competitors.

Sales Genius App

This app allows its users to find prospects through email send outs. Each email is then tracked without any IT program of any sort. This app sends alerts to users with regard to website visit prospects. You need to pay a fee of $49 per user.

Salesforce for Google AdWords ( In-house App)

This application is quite popular among online marketers as it offers the power to keep track of Google ad campaigns and website activities on lead generation.

Other Apps to Enjoy

Dragon Dictation: This is a voice recognition app that is great for use in transcriptions for meetings. The dictations can be posted directly to your business’ social networking site. Accuracy may be a bit of an issue so it is best to check the transcriptions prior to posting them.

Astrid: This is your business’ perfect personal assistant; and the great news is – you do not even have to give out a monthly paycheck. This app organizes your tasks, sub-tasks, reminders and widgets and syncs them across tablets, phones and

Google Voice: This is great for virtual meetings. Styled after Gmail (Google’s email service), Google Voice is pretty much like Skype for your PC to PC and PC to phone video and voice calls. Voicemails can even be read as emails with the use of this app.

Evernote: This is the businessman’s multimedia scrapbook as it lets you take down snippets of voice memos, photos and texts. Organize, sync and backup your files with so much ease!

AK Notepad: This is a hassle-free notepad which also has a reminder system. Simply jot down your ideas into your notepad and then send them to the boss through SMS.

Scatterslides: This is one of the best apps for presentations as it lets you view and control your Open Office and PowerPoint slideshows. This is the businessman’s perfect escape from the clout of the projector.

About the author:

About the Author: Sarah is a writer for PAYE Umbrella Company for Contractors | Focused Umbrella. She loves using apps to maximize her productivity while she’s on the go.

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