Your Smartphone Not Smart Enough? Two Things You Might Need

Smartphone Smart Your Smartphone Not Smart Enough? Two Things You Might NeedThe thing about technology, it’s ever changing. What may be the talk of the town today can be forgotten tomorrow. Okay, so maybe not tomorrow; maybe a year or so from now. Despite that, some things just don’t change – the latest tools and gadgets that you see displayed all over town or plastered on the daily broadsheet highlighting every little thing they can do aren’t perfect.

Sure, smartphones are getting all the smarter every passing day. At one point or another, however, reinforcements need to be made. Meaning, an accessory has to be purchased or an app has to be downloaded to make up for the phone’s “weakness.”

When your smartphone isn’t smart enough

To illustrate what I’m saying, take a look at the following:

  1. GSM repeater

  2. When you’re too far away from a telecommunication tower like the countryside or some other far-flung location, no matter how top-of-the-line your mobile phone is, the odds of your calls getting dropped or the other party not understanding a word you’re saying is great.

    Sometimes, too, when you’re sandwiched between two mobile phone towers, because of an occurrence referred to as a “dead spot,” you still can’t get your phone signal straightened out. Or if you’re inside a building, the basement of a building, within a store inside a building, you may experience wireless or 3G signal interruption, making browsing the Internet and video conferencing a royal pain.

    Situations such as these, a GSM repeater may already be warranted. There are GSM repeaters specifically designed for buildings, houses, and even cars.

  3. Spy earpiece

From kitchen recipes to gaming applications, from traffic situations to store locations, you can’t blame a regular Jane or Joe for wanting a smartphone, right? I may already be boring you with the obvious, but there is a myriad of things a smartphone can do.

One thing it probably can’t do is effectively bring out the spy in you without the help of a clever little gadget called a spy earpiece that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. And for this device to work, you have to have a partner.

Now, before you start jumping up and down because you just found a way to make your childhood dream of emulating the great James Bond come true, remember, aside from the unfortunate fact that James Bond is a work of fiction, if done without credible cause or just for the heck of it, spying on other people isn’t a smart thing to do. It might get you into trouble, deep trouble.

Final word

Despite the ever-intensifying “smartification” of smartphones, there are a lot more avenues where your smartphone might not be enough. To resolve these inefficiencies, the answer isn’t always a newer or smarter phone. Sometimes, all you need is a little add-on that you normally won’t take a look at until you realize you have a need for it. The irony of life, eh?

About the author:

Jenny Travis is a blogger and freelance writer who loves writing about various things related to business and technology.

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