Advantages of a ‘One Stop Shop’ Agency

One Stop Shop Combination Advantages of a One Stop Shop AgencyIt’s All About Communications

The greatest challenge in marketing and advertising is defining the message you want conveyed. In a world of marketing clutter, confusion is the worst enemy to the small business. You waste your marketing dollars if they don’t effectively and simply communicate what you want to say to those you want to hear it.

With the multiple media forms today, a clear and concise message is more important than ever. Combining traditional print with Internet websites and social media strategies is essential for effectiveness and clarity of positioning.

The Role of Vendors

The process of defining your marketing message begins with your marketing agency, printers and other vendors. For most small businesses, the most precious commodity their owners have is time. There are simply too many demands and too little time. As a result, many important issues end up getting less attention than they deserve.

One area where this is a big mistake is in the development of the marketing message and strategy. Many business owners today have come to realize that using a single competent marketing agency is the only practical way to go. Finding an agency that can handle everything in one shop is a tremendous aid in the process of communication and execution. Instead of multiple conversations with multiple vendors, a quality agency will provide the following under one roof:

Collateral design and consistent corporate branding/appearance. For all your printing needs, from business cards to letterhead to brochures, every printed item should crisply add to your market image and be clearly coordinated and planned.

  • Graphics. Qualified artists execute this goal of design as directed by the agency in exactly the manner that the brand is to communicate with the customer.
  • Web and Internet design and implementation. It is surprising how many companies fail in coordinating their online presence with their brand. Another huge advantage in a sole-shop solution is eliminating this problem.
  • Printing. Proper design and graphics is just the first step in ensuring the most cost-effective and professional printing results.
  • Banners and signage. Some of the most important advertising is signage. It should add, not detract, from the overall branding effort.
  • Public relations. Today, more than ever, effective public relations efforts are an essential part of any marketing approach. Ensuring a clear message consistent with every other marketing vehicle used is essential to maximizing this value.
  • All other media venues and capabilities. An agency with overall responsibility will be effective in providing creative and innovative approaches to a company’s marketing strategy.

By combining all of the work in one shop, the one point of contact becomes accountable for communicating the overall message to everyone involved in the projects for a company. That not only improves the overall communications, it results in savings of time and money. While both are important, the most important thing is being effective in the marketplace with your message. New customers are your lifeblood and that is the goal of any marketing effort.

Take time to evaluate the effectiveness of your competitor’s marketing efforts. Evaluate how they convey their message over multiple media outlets. When you see your leading competitor doing a good job with a seamless, professional image in all media, you bet that they are following a single-shop approach to their effort. You want to compete on level ground by using the same effective approach.

When you consider the issues of a clear market message, savings of time and money, and the ability to hold one vendor accountable, the sole-source agency makes a very strong argument as the way to go for your marketing needs.

About the author:

Mark McCabe is a freelance graphic and web designer who’s from Cork, Ireland but who is based in London.

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