Record, Save, And Convert Your Video Chats Into Something Great!

Video Chats 2013 Record, Save, And Convert Your Video Chats Into Something Great!Video chatting is one of the most popular Internet pastimes of today. People engage in this hobby for a variety of reasons—to share information on subjects of mutual interest, to learn about the latest developments in their professions or simply to pass the time by talking about what has been happening. But video chats can also be recorded—they do not have to vanish into thin air the instant they have been done. And once they have been recorded and saved, your chats can be converted into something special and interesting. This article will teach you how to do it.

First, the recording part

The instrument that you will need to record your chats is video cam recording software. You can download such programs for free from many websites, but one of the best-quality recording software is Video Chat Recorder, from Zebra-Media, which can be found on CNET. With it, you can easily record, save and capture any video chat or conference. Chats made with almost any kind of platform—Skype, Yahoo!, Facebook, Google, AOL, Cha-Cha-Chat—can be captured with Video Chat Recorder. Likewise with online lectures and courses and web conferences. Recorded files can also be saved as mp3s, AVIs or any other format so they can be played on any machine. The quality of the videos that you can make, which can be compressed in real time, is amazing, and the software itself can be transferred via USB port.

Other chat recording software include mIRC, Nimbuzz Messenger, Facebook Chat IM, Windows Live Messenger and Perfect Fake Webcam.

Putting it together

Now that we have gotten the technical aspects taken care of, we must now move on to discuss the artistic aspects—deciding what to record and how to arrange things—in short, “putting it together.”

Of course there is no limit to what you can put onto a video chat or web cam. But you have to consider what you are making very carefully, otherwise you will have nothing more than a hodgepodge of things which are no fun to watch.

What shall I make my subject?

The subject of your video chat is the first thing that you want to have figured out before you go on to anything else. More specifically, you want to ask, “What type of chat am I making? What is its purpose? Am I seeking to share my interests with other people, teach them something that I feel is important or express my views on a certain subject?”

  • If the first, what interests do I want to share?
  • If the second, what do I want to teach people?
  • If the third, what viewpoints do I want to express? How should I put them forth?

Although you can edit and delete elements of the chat that you find undesirable, it is a good idea to write down in advance the dialog that you want to include and to rehearse beforehand, either alone, before the mirror or in front of people you know who can give you tips on how to improve your performance.

The order in which things are presented is also important. If you are recording a sequence of video chats, make sure that they occur in a logical order. A good idea is to have each of the subsequent chats deal with a different aspect of the subject. You might also consider placing “commercials” between the chats, so as to give it a more professional appearance.


You can use video chats to entertain as well as to inform. If you choose the latter, try to be as creative and entertaining as possible. For instance, if you want to do a favorite song of yours, try and convey the message it contains as expressively as you can. Again, it is always good to rehearse beforehand until you are satisfied that you have want you want people to see.

Projecting your online image

When speaking on live video, be sure to look like you have put a great deal of physical and mental effort into your project. If your objective is to express your views on some subject, then your objective is to make those views sound convincing. You want to present yourself in such a way that your audience will respect your opinions even if they do not agree with them.

Always do your homework if you want the chats to be on a particular subject. It is your goal, after all, to appear before your viewers as somebody who knows what he is talking about. Again, you will make your audience respect what you have to say.

Advertising yourself

Advertising is another purpose to which video chats can be put. Perhaps you have just started a business in your hometown, or a new service, and would like people to come and try it. In that case you should consider your audience in putting together your advertisement.

Mixing things

It is quite possible to combine information and entertainment into a single series of chats. You might want to alternate between the two kinds, putting an entertaining chat in between two informational ones. You could also do a series of chats that are not exactly related to each other, but which share a common theme. For example, they might be related in that they all deal with the need for lesser government, or to make some changes in the local community.


Video chats can be an effective way of sharing valuable information as well as being entertaining. When they are recorded and put together they can make something truly great that everyone will want to see.

About the author:

Katelyn Roberts is a entertainment blogger who uses to convert wma to mp3 when creating videos and saving them in her vertual scrapbook. You can convert with KoyoteSoft online too. Treasure store and relive your virtual experiences.


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