How to SEO your E-Commerce Website in 2013?

responsive ecommerce 2013 How to SEO your E Commerce Website in 2013?E-commerce is a fast emerging internet based entrepreneurship that is being explored to a larger extant as each day passes by. This augmentation in the e-commerce business is attributed to the fact that this day more and more people prefer to shop without flexing their muscles a bit. This is backed by many cyber world facilities, like core cum online banking, transfer of money overseas easily through services like PayPal, and so on. The number of people who shop online has increased remarkably and so did the competition in the e-commerce venture.

Hence anything in the best interest of publicizing your e-commerce website has to be done without mush waiting to stay ahead in the race. While a strong PPC campaign is the most widely chosen option in marketing and publicizing an e-commerce business, SEO for an e-commerce website is not negligible yet. SEO for an e-commerce is not totally akin to SEO for blogs or other business websites. Since the nature and of an e-commerce website largely varies, SEO for the same varies too.

The search engine optimization for e-commerce website is a different game in itself. Here are some tips that will assure a better search ranking of your e-commerce website if implemented in the right sense.

  1. Make it responsive: Most of the E-commerce websites aren’t yet ready for the mobile users. If yours is one such, you better get a mobile version of your website done or rely on a responsive theme. Mobile users can just not be neglected considering the number of carts that are being filled through mobile devices now. There is no doubt that the number of mobile users who shell out there pockets in e-commerce websites is going to skyrocket in the near future. So get your e-commerce website future ready with mobile SEO strategies for your e-commerce site.
  2. Make it engaging: The panda update to Google search algorithm made it a point to devalue websites with poor visitor engagement. To dodge this devaluation, make your e-commerce more engaging with interactive tools to get your traffic interact by writing reviews on products/brands, rating stuff, recommending products to friends, giving feedback, posting on a site specific forum, adding products to desired lists, etc. More the end user interactions, better the search ranking for your e-commerce website.
  3. Leverage images optimally: Images are the key for any e-commerce business’s success; not just because they lure the potential buyers, but also in terms of SEO, if optimally deployed.
    SEO the images by following the traditional image SEO strategies like using apt file names, alt tags, right size/pixels, and avoiding duplicity. Apart from these, another thing you must considering doing is fully use image sharing platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Flikr to your e-commerce’s advantage.
  4. Take care of the king: King in SEO always refers to content. It is hard to concentrate on originality of content when it comes to e-commerce websites as such websites, at the end of all, feature brands that are featured by its competitors too. Some best things to do to make your content look unique are:
    • Not using the product description set by the manufacturers. Rather create a custom one for your e-commerce outlet.
    • Use exclusive images for your website to feature each product rather than using random pictures that may have been redundantly used by other sites as well.
    • Use synonyms in the titles and meta-description.

These tips on how to SEO an e-commerce website, help not only in search engine optimization but also in enhancing your site’s usability for the humans. Let me know what you have to say about this in the comment sections below.

About The Author: Tim Wilson works as content manager for HostPapa, a web hosting Canada company serving over 100,000 customers. Since launching in 2006, HostPapa has offered reliable, budget-friendly, easy-to-use Canadian web hosting solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.

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