What Super Bowl XLVII Can Teach You about Promotional Marketing

This year’s Super Bowl XLVII was a pretty spectacular event, wasn’t it? If you stayed up until 4am on a Sunday to watch it with your friends (despite the half-hour power cut) as many of us here at Stay Sourced did, you can’t have failed to notice that promotional marketers had a field day over in New Orleans. The Americans have always been happy to flaunt their promotional merchandise in sports events like the Super Bowl, and the relationship seems to benefit both the brands who take advantage of the event and US sports themselves. Now that the smoke has cleared we’re able to analyse the data and see the effectiveness of some of the promotional marketing that took place in the run up to and during the Super Bowl itself. So, what can British brands learn from their American counterparts over at Super Bowl XLVII? Fortunately, your friends at Stay Sourced have compiled a small list for your delectation (there wasn’t much else to do during that power cut, after all!).

super bowl promotion snack bowl 47 2013 What Super Bowl XLVII Can Teach You about Promotional MarketingNo tie-in is too tenuous

Corporate sponsorship is one of the most popular means by which American brands look to market themselves at events like the Super Bowl, and they’ve shown us that no tie-in is too tenuous. It would seem as though professional sport and calorific, salty snacks like Doritos would make unlikely bedfellows, and yet there they are, writ large across your screen. Obviously, any association with an institution as popular and powerful as the Super Bowl is going to work in a Brand’s favour, even if the partnership does appear to be an unlikely or even faintly hypocritical one. You wouldn’t have though that a trailer for the Lone Ranger could be cut to resemble American Football footage and yet, it happened!

People want to feel included

Large sports events like the Super Bowl can be incredibly partisan occasions, and people will naturally want to align themselves with particular teams or individuals. So keen are sports fans to express their allegiance to their teams of choice that promotional marketers can make a fortune selling branded promotional merchandise in the team colours or bearing logos, names and slogans. The Super Bowl was just such an event, and it wasn’t just the capacity crowds who soaked up the merchandise – even fans watching at home will have bought their own branded items in order to feel part of something bigger than themselves.

Don’t be afraid to give it away

Merchandising isn’t just about making money, however – it’s also about brand promotion and exposure. Promotional marketers weren’t afraid to give away freebies at the Super Bowl, and such gestures have a chance to pay dividends in the long run. Just think of all the different news networks and sports channels who broadcast the event worldwide, filming vox pops, talking heads and interviews with members of the public. If just one of your branded products makes it onto that kind of rolling coverage, it’s impossible to overstate just how valuable such exposure can be.

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