5 Tips for Promoting Infographics Online

Absolutely nothing captures quantifiable data like infographics. Whatever you are trying to communicate, infographics offers an excellent way to transform boring statistical information into a presentation that will engage and hold people’s attention. Infographics are also a great way to present complicated information or knowledge quickly and clearly. Because of this, infographics are vital to businesses or individuals who might want to present their financials or other pertinent materials that will ultimately allow their company to grow and hopefully flourish. And there is no better way to present this information than online. Here are 5 tips for promoting infographics online.

  1. Allowing people to widely share your infographics is important. If you have infographics available to view on your website, the smart thing to do is add an embed or share code so that people can present your infographics on their own website or social networking platform. There are a number of plugins that you or your web administrator can implement into your site to make your infographics available to share by adding an embed code.
  2. It is also wise to share your infographics on as many social media platforms as possible. Posting in threads, comment sections, headlines and status updates with a link back to your site will greatly increase the exposure of your infographics. The key is to get enough track and link backs so that your site and information rises higher in different search engine rankings.
  3. Your infographics should also be extremely simple to read. The whole point of infographics is to simplify the information you are trying to present. Make sure you cut out any superfluous information. Delete graphics that don’t support the numbers. Get rid of text that doesn’t support your over all message. The most important thing is to be as succinct as possible.
  4. You also want to make sure that your infographics are as concentrated as possible. Any┬áinfographics agency tasked to build your infographics for you will make sure that all of the information is presented in chronological order and will ensure that the most important data is highlight or emphasized. You don’t want some your most important information to be buried, because some less important stood out more. In essence, you want to make sure that the less pertinent material is smaller than the most pressing or principal information.
  5. Lastly, but not least, try not to go overboard with bright colors or have too many colors. You want to let the information speak for itself. Don’t let your creativity get the best of you. When people are looking for infographics online for a specific topic, they are looking for something that doesn’t overwhelm. While you don’t want to underwhelm, you generally don’t want to have too many fonts, margins that are too far apart or confusing graphics. The best way to promote your infographics online is to attract people’s interest, without having them leave your site once they get a closer look at the information provided.

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