Helpful Tips When Checking for Website Ranking

Google PageRank vs Alexa Helpful Tips When Checking for Website RankingFor businesses looking advertise online, finding out which websites to advertise on is really important. Everyone will like to promote their products on sites that have high web traffic to ensure that more users can be informed about their brand. However, how can an advertiser know if the website is ranked high on search engines? The last thing they need is to waste time and resources by advertising on websites that can only generate a handful of visitors in a day. Here are some tips to find out if a particular site is ranked high enough to be included on the first page of search engines, or if they can only be found in the far flung reaches of cyberspace.

Perhaps the most popular way to check any website’s rating is by using Google’s PR, or PageRank. It is what most developers use, however it should not be the only option as some websites have been found to have such inflated PageRank that it’s ludicrous to comprehend. This is reason alone to not trust PageRank entirely, but as a control reference to compare with other ranking system, it is quite invaluable. Alexa is another website ratings program that simplifies things by arranging the top websites in a list rather than PageRank’s categorical format. Note that the higher the ranking in Alexa, the more popular the website. Those above the ranking of 10K can be considered big time players on the internet, and are good places to start hunting for websites to advertise in along those numbers.

Basically, Google PR and Alexa are two of the best resources for top websites in the internet and by comparing their list, users can determine which sites are at the very top of the heap. However, if more information in rankings is desired then checking out is another great reference for checking online rankings. Take note that it only includes the top one million sites, and might be a limited selection for some advertisers. Another thing to keep in mind when using is that it generates its list by using Internet Explorer only, not Firefox, Chrome, or any other browser. Other ranking sites include Quantcast, Compete, Custom Rank, ComScore and Google Trends. Be sure to check out each of these in order to generate a more accurate list of potential sites to advertise on.

Online marketing is a very tough and highly competitive industry because of the millions of other companies that are vying for attention. Research must always be conducted thoroughly through trusted sources in order to make the most out of every online business venture. Once an advertiser has gotten a good grasp on the strategy involved in online marketing, this skill will become a very handy tool for future business endeavors. Internet marketing operates on a first come, first serve rule and as the future seems to be pointing in the direction of the internet, in order to increase chances of success in the future. It is smart to invest time in order to know the mechanics of the game.

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