5 Ways to Maximize Your Video SEO

Search engine optimization is heavy on the mind of every business owner and webmaster on the internet today. As soon as technology gurus figured out how they could manipulate web content to achieve higher search engine rankings, this became the hottest new marketing tool of our time. The ubiquity of video on the internet is leading many people to wonder how videos can help improve their SEO, and what kind of techniques will be most effective.

  1. Improve Your Content Catalog
    As important as numbers, codes, and keywords are in search engine optimization, nothing trumps content. Google and other search engines are becoming more advanced, and now favor sites that regularly generate relevant content for their pages. A high quality video stream can do wonders for your site’s SEO, as video content is highly valuable and attractive to both visitors and search engine robots. Come up with interesting video content to fill your site, and enjoy all the SEO benefits of a healthy and active website.
  2. Title Your Videos with Keywords
    Keyword utilization is one of the most important and least understood aspects of SEO. In short, search engines like Google index websites according to words that are relevant to certain searches. The top SEO professionals in the industry know how to use these words to the webmaster’s advantage. Incorporating keywords into your video titles allows you to kill two birds with one stone. When both your video titles and your web content are optimized with relevant keywords, search engine rankings are almost certain to rise.
  3. Incorporate Videos Into Blog Posts
    Once you start incorporating videos into your content stream, there are dozens of things that you can do to improve your SEO. Adding videos to your blog posts is a great way to start, whether you’re using your own videos or sharing clips found on other popular video networks. Video enriched blog posts are eye-catching and quick to grow in popularity. If your posts are embedded with already popular videos, your page can actually piggyback on that video’s popularity and come up in a wide variety of search results.
  4. Link Your Website in Every Video
    Starting a channel on a popular video network like YouTube or Vimeo is great for expanding your online presence into previously untapped areas. As you do so, every video you upload to these networks should include a link to your website in its description. You are sure to get a few clicks even for a video that doesn’t get terribly popular, and those links are great for SEO. Every time a user reaches your site from one of these links, your search engine rankings get stronger and stronger.
  5. Transcribe Your Audio
    As you work on improving your video SEO, remember that your videos may also contain text themselves. Any video you create that features dialog can become an SEO tool. By transcribing your videos’ audio content for video sites like YouTube, you can turn that audio content into text that will be combed and indexed by search engines. Bolster your SEO with these great video techniques, and watch your online presence expand in ways you never thought possible.

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