5 Common Myths About SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the fastest growing online marketing pursuits in the world today, but many webmasters still don’t fully comprehend its potential or its true nature. There is a great deal of misinformation going around with regards to SEO, and this misleading info is leading many webmasters down the wrong path. In order to make the most of your SEO, it is important to understanding the facts, as well as these common myths, about search engine optimization.

  1. Content Isn’t That Important
    Many webmasters become overly fixated on the technical aspects of SEO when they start making efforts to optimize their websites. They get so lost in links and keywords that they forget what is truly important, what really builds the foundation of a popular website. Focus on developing and generating content as much as you focus on the nuts and bolts. A website’s SEO doesn’t count for a hill of beans without interesting content to engage visitors.
  2. Social Media Can Be Ignored
    Many webmasters operate under the assumption that social media networking is strictly for fun and won’t have any effect on their websites’ search engine optimization. This is a nefariously untrue myth. Social media is more important than ever. Links to your website from social media pages are valuable and often plentiful. Furthermore, Facebook’s developing search engine is set to change the way internet searches work altogether. Social media is a powerful tool that deserves consideration in any SEO plan.
  3. Second Place is the First Loser
    The object of search engine optimization is to increase a website’s page ranking so that it appears above others in search engine results, but many webmasters become obsessed with being number one. You don’t have to be the first result in any given search to reap the benefits of SEO. Most users will scan every result on the first page of their search results, and many will continue to delve into the second and third pages. As long as your website is holding its own, you’re winning the SEO battle.
  4. Usability is Negligible
    This myth is highly correlated with the assumption of content’s unimportance. Search engine optimization is not only about search engines. In order to consistently achieve a high page rank, your website must be usable as well as being optimized. Websites with poor usability won’t generate the kind of traffic that makes SEO worthwhile, so it would be wise to incorporate usability tests as an integral part of your SEO plan.
  5. You Can Trick the Search Engines
    None of the popular quotes and quotations about technology will tell you how advanced our modern capabilities really are. Some webmasters resort to underhanded tactics and attempt to fool the search engines in order to achieve higher rankings. Tactics like inserting keyword text in the same color as a page background, or hiding text behind images, have been common in the past. However, the search engine robots are getting more intelligent every day. They can detect these kind of black-hat tactics and they will penalize you for such action. Be clean and clear with your SEO in order to be successful.

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