HostGator vs HawkHost Review, Comparison, Difference – 5 Key Points

Choosing the right webhosting (especially shared web hosting) could cause headache for some people. The price and the services that the webhost provides are mostly different from one another. Among all webhosts, HostGator and HawkHost arise as two of the leading competitors. If you still have not decided which one you should pick among the two, take a look on five important keys that might help to narrow down your choice based on your needs and abilities.

1. Price

The fees for the two are different, and this could be your first key to choose. HawkHost basic requires you to pay $3.29 per month for its 12 months plan (One-Year Pre-Payment). The price of HostGator Hatchling is not that different either with $5.56 per month for its cheapest offer (One-Year Pre-Payment). You can also opt to pay the webhost for one year to three year plan for HostGator. Though the total price is not that much, but you might want to choose the one that suit your pocket best.

2. Plan Specification

Take a look at the plan specifications of both webhosts. HawkHost Basic has 45 GB per month as its bandwidth. The disk space available for HawkHost Basic is no less than 3 GB. Meanwhile, HostGator Hatchling has unlimited bandwidth and disk space available. Both HawkHost and HostGator have 99.9% uptime guarantee.

3. Service for cPanel

Some services available from the two are also different. HostGator uses Apache, while HawkHost prefers to use LiteSpeed. HostGator also uses Fantastico and Soholaunch as its cPanel, while HawkHost Basic uses both Fantastico and Softaculous.

4. E-Commerce Features

HawkHost Basic has Private SSL supported in its package, while HostGator Hatchling still has not provided it. Both webhosts, however, support OS commerce, Zen Cart, and Cube Cart for e-commerce functions. HostGator Hatchling also has Shared SSL as another feature for e-commerce.

5. Email Hosting

Both HostGator Hatchling and HawkHost Basic have unlimited POP3 accounts, SMTP, IMAP support, Web mail, and Spam Assassin as the email hosting features. HostGator Hatchling also provides the customer with email alias, auto responders, and catch balls. Meanwhile, to support its other features, HawkHost Basic offers the customers with SPF, DKIM, and email forwarders.

Main Differences Between HostGator vs HawkHost

The main difference is HawkHost allows us to add unlimited domain for the basic packages while HostGator only allow 1 add on domain on Hatchling package (you can upgrade to Baby package to get unlimited domain too – but the price will be higher compred to HawkHost – you can get unlimited features while HawkHost limits us on bandwidth and disk space for each packages offered). Although HostGator gives us unlimited bandwidth and disk space, there is still a ‘limits’ called the inode. HostGator won’t run backup system if your account’s inode higher than 100,000 – HostGator will also limit inode at maximum 250,000 inode. Inode is the the amount of file counted by quantity of file saved in our file manager / CPanel account. You should check if your inode reach the maximum allowed by HostGator. This is to avoid further problem regarding backup and excessive amount of maximum connections allowed by HostGator (HawkHost also concerns about maximum connections too).

After you take a look on the five main keys when choosing between HostGator and HawkHost, do not forget to consider the kind of web that you are going to build. Web with plenty of pictures require bigger space indeed, so choose the one folder. Hopefully it will help your way in building your dream web.


If you need unlimited add on domain and LiteSpeed features, check HawkHost.

If you need unlimited bandwidth and disk space and fast customer support, check HostGator.

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