Top 8 Reasons Why Microsoft Windows Crashes

microsoft windows crash Top 8 Reasons Why Microsoft Windows CrashesIt is very troublesome when you are working with your computer and it is suddenly crashing. Blue screen and frozen screen are the most troublesome things when you are working on your computer. Moreover, if you are chased by the deadline. You have to finish your work as soon as possible but your computer just does not want to cooperate. You have to restart your computer and you may lose all of your work. You may also experience crashed windows when you are working on your computer like that. Many reasons cause windows crashing. There might be a problem with your system, software, or hardware. If you experience it often then there might be a serious problem with your computer.

Memory or Motherboard

Bad memory or motherboard can also be the causes for your windows crashing. The blue screen is mostly caused by the problem on your memory or motherboard, and this may cause fatal error that results on losing your data. You can check it by moving your data to another memory, if there is still a problem, then your motherboard is in big problem.

BIOS Setting

Your motherboard usually comes from the factory that is compatible with almost any system. Some other USB drives or CD drives may cause boot conflict in your PC, thus to fix it, you can simply remove the drives from your PC.

Corrupt Registry

Your windows crashing may be caused by the corrupt registry that causes your PC cannot boot properly.

Corrupt Drivers

External drivers, such as USB drivers or CD drivers may be corrupted and it can cause your windows crashes. So, properly check your external drivers before you log it into your PC.

Hard Drive Problem

You may have a problem with your hard drive that may cause your windows crashes.

Hardware Conflict

Conflicting information from other hardware can cause the windows crashes as well. This doesn’t mean that your PC is in danger but it is still causing your screen freeze. But, do not worry, this is not a serious problem.

Trojan or Virus

Trojan or virus can cause serious damage to your system. It can delete your files and any important data also change your system. That is why you need to regularly scan your PC using the trustworthy antivirus. Make sure that you always update your antivirus.


Your computer components are very sensitive to heat, that is why it may boot itself before it reaches the highest point of its heat endurance. If the component bear too much heat it may damage, so that make sure that your PC is not overheating.

By knowing the factors above that cause why your Microsoft Windows crashes, you can know how to avoid any possible bad things happening to your Microsoft Windows.

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