6 Best WordPress Frameworks and Their Own Benefits

popular wordpress framework 2013 2014 6 Best WordPress Frameworks and Their Own BenefitsThe frameworks in WordPress help the web developer to develop the design of the web much easier. Instead of writing the code repetitively from zero, it is much simpler to use the code from the framework and work from that. From all of the frameworks that WordPress offers, some might shine better than the rest.

1. Thematic

For a free framework, use Thematic. It is a perfect choice for developing a blank WordPress theme. It also has more room for widgets, in which it fits 13 widgets in total nicely. It has multiple and easy to design bulletproof options for the layout. Thematic also has already included search engine optimized in it.

2. Genesis

Along with the Search Engine Optimized, Genesis also has turn-key designs with a gorgeous design. The options for the theme include support for threaded comments, font choice and size, custom fields, navigation settings, and so on.

3. Gantry

With 960 Grid systems, Gantry looks awesome with the administrator interface. You can also choose different colours, layouts, and features for optimizing the look of your site. The RTL language support and the 65 different base of widgets positions help you to develop a stunning website.

4. PageLines

PageLines has responsive design, so it can fit perfectly to the resolution of your browser on your desktop or device. You can also change the look with 50 different Typography available in a secure network. The colour control and layout control also help you to create a stunning site.

5. Hybrid

This powerful framework almost looks like thematic framework. However, Hybrid has more options page and built-in features in it. The user-friendliness of this framework will help the amateur web designers to use the framework. You will also be amazed with 13 page templates available in this framework.

6. Headway

This framework allows you as the web designer to design your site without the hassle of writing the code. It has powerful developer tools that can help your way in developing the site. The layout grid and the visual editor also make the developing job much easier. The live CSS editor will make the job much fun as well.

Choosing the framework is usually based on one’s taste. The needs and the purpose of the web are also essential in choosing the right framework. Do not forget to open up your imagination to create an amazing web design with the help of these frameworks.

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