8 Best iPad Apps for Productivity

turboscan scanner apps 8 Best iPad Apps for ProductivityWorking all day in your office often times cannot suffice work that you need to finish. Being busy indeed is not the same as being conducive. In order to help you to tackle all the hassle and save the time doing the tasks, there are some apps in App Store that can smooth your way.

1. TurboScan

TurboScan is one of the most have-to apps that you need to have for your production. If you feel bored saving all the receipts in your pocket and scan them one by one in a scanner machine, you can save more time wasted by using this app. Simply put the receipts on a surface and snap a picture of them. You can crop the receipts and then put the “scanned” receipts on a PDF.

2. Notes Plus

Notes Plus app is also a must in your iPad. Rather than wasting time typing all the important notes, this app allows you to save the recorded version instead. You can also switch back to the traditional way easily in one click. Edit the note by changing the font, erase some words, or italicize or even rearrange some items if you want. Later you can send the ordered notes by email easily.

3. iXpenselt

Do not forget to download iXpenselt in your iPad. This useful app helps you to manage and plan your budget. You can track your spending by snapping the receipts easily if you want.

4. Wunderlist

Wunderlist app helps you to do wonder things by managing your schedule. Arrange your to-do list in your own time frame. This app allows you to list down the schedule, so you can easily arrange the task you need to do today or even next month.

5. Dropbox

Professional or not, storing your data efficiently is essential. This is where Dropbox app comes to surface as an option for your online data storing. You can upload files and photos from your iPad to Dropbox, and then open them in your desktop without any need to transfer them via disc first.

6. ShoppingList

ShoppingList app is one of the best apps for your shopping list. Admit it, you often forget what you need to buy in the grocery store. This app helps to sort out the items you need to buy, such as canned item and dairy products, so you do need to walk back to the right shelves only to buy the forgotten items.

7. Doodle

Doodle helps to schedule meetings and events. This app allows you to create a poll for a possible meeting time, and then you can email it to the participants. This will also help to keep the tracks of multiple schedules all at once.

8. Instapaper

Instapaper helps you to read the latest news. By activating the plug-ins, or emailing yourselves the articles you want to read, this app will do the job by saving and categorizing them. Later on you can read them online or offline.

These eight apps are proven to help people increase their productivity to an extent. After all, why you would want to go through the hassle if you can get the easy way? Life is as simple as that.

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