7 Tips before Choosing an Online Backup Provider

online backup providers comparison 7 Tips before Choosing an Online Backup ProviderThe idea of having a backup provider for storing files is no longer a new suggestion. Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive are becoming more popular today as a place to store and share files online. If you are interested in storing your personal or business files into one of these backup providers, however, it is better to pay attention to some aspects first.

Data Transfer Rate

Always try to find out the data transfer rate first before choosing the online backup provider. If you plan to save data in a big size to the provider, you need to make sure that your online backup provider has a high speed internet connection to do the task smoothly.


Check out the security of your online backup provider. Do not forget that there are plenty of thieving scumbags who can steal your supposed-to-be secretive data from the provider. Make sure that your provider has data encryption and 256-bit SSL connections. Most of the providers have given them in the package, but some others put them as additional package where you need to pay extra for them.

Data Size

Choose the provider with redundant data size. This will mostly benefit you when disaster comes and hits the data centre. To get the highest level of protection to your data, check it first.

Data Retention Policy

Understand the data retention policies. For example, you need to know whether you can get the service freeĀ  for 30 to 60 days only, and what happen if you have billing issues. Some providers might erase all your data, so find out if the policies are flexible enough.

Data Retrieval

Find out how quickly you can retrieve the data from the server in case of emergency. Some might give you a few hours, but some others take even a few weeks to retrieve all your data. This is an essential question if you want to get the most benefit from your provider.

Local Data Existence

Having local data alongside with your online provider is an extra benefit. Some give this function in the package, while some others put this as the additional package with extra charge. Check as well how the service works with all these functions.


Consider whether the price worth the benefits or not. It is not only the matter of the price per gigabyte, but also the other benefits, including the security and policies. The services that support the provider are essential to the cost.

All these seven tips should weight your decision in choosing the online backup provider. Do not be disappointed later when you choose the wrong one and find out that you fail to do the transfer just because of these simple yet essential things.

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