5 Important Explanations about Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Infographics 5 Important Explanations about Cloud ComputingLife changes especially in this era where technologies are discovered invented and developed to make people’s life easier than ever in doing something. Computer, for example has always being related to people because of its daily use to be used into the internet connection. In its development, internet provider and technology has discovered a new future technology called cloud computing. Why this is called ‘cloud’ what is the connection among cloud and technology?

Let us get acquainted to this new technology invention – Cloud Computing.

1. Cloud Computing Definition

Cloud computing is the resources both hardware and software which are delivered as a service on the network. The name ‘cloud’ here takes as abstract symbol where the complex infrastructure belongs to its system diagrams.

The cloud here related to the technology which can be seen from the cloud’s characteristic which is small, medium or big as the place to store entire data.

2. Virtual Environment

The functions and daily operations that appear on the web based cloud application will be able to be accessed and shared into a virtual environment.

The virtual environment can be physically invisible , but the Internet in this case act as cloud while your computer systems act as a medium for accessing the data which is being stored in it.

3. Public Cloud

The service provider in when you are using internet, will provide public application, storage as well as other related resources to be applied. However, there is no charge and fee for this service. Commonly, there are several providers used in this kind of cloud such as Microsoft, Amazon AWS, as well as Google. This also operates the infrastructure as well as offers the access through internet only.

4. Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is cloud deployment model consisted of more than one cloud (public, community or private) which creates unique compound which stands together and give benefits of deployment model.

Hybrid clouds characteristic is lack of flexibility, safety and actual information in the application. This model cloud will show the flexibility where there is an awareness and correction to the mistakes existence of within a service.

5. Private Cloud

Private cloud is cloud model type deployment e which is operated for single unit which is organized whether externally or internally. In taking this private cloud, you are required to have a clear and specific level within boundary to be able to try and apply into business environment.

This makes the organization re-evaluate decisions regarding the existing resources. After run well, it will affect for the business improvement because of its positive impact.

In brief, cloud computing is not simply cloud but it takes meaning from the form of the cloud itself to be used as storages and the resources of hardware and software. The deployment models also presented different such as public cloud, hybrid cloud and private cloud with their own characteristic networking system.

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