6 Most Popular Content Management Systems Online

popular cms online 6 Most Popular Content Management Systems OnlineWhen you want to check the content management system, there are several recommendations on them. Some of them are really good while some of them were not really. Choosing the best one is like looking for the best over the hundred but if you choose from the current, best one, here are several of the most popular content management systems online.


This is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) that is currently available. You can either purchase a paid account or using a free account with several limited access unlike a paid premium account. WordPress is popular because the site allows you for comfortable management and you can write what you like easier. The installation wizard at the first time you install the WordPress also works really fast in getting the work done. You only need to click the installation and follow the guide and there you go. You will also receive an interactive tutorial that will make sure you grab the basic of the system. Posting and managing the layout of the CMS are also real easy with this WordPress.


The Drupal is the second most popular CMS used by people on the internet to manage their postings and contents online. What makes Drupal different from any other CMS is the fact that it is not focused more on blogs and entries. You can also make forums and create various contents for your site. You can use this to make sites that connect you with other people and allow lively chat and interaction on the site. That is why there is the feature of forums and other social interaction services in the module.


Is another popular CMS. It is popular for its easy installation and complete future. You can store data too in the service and you therefore can use this to make some kind of file hosting sites where you can upload data requested by the viewer. You can also add forum features as well as something that is similar to a blog post too here.

Expression Engine

This one here is a nice looking CMS which is also flexible and easy to use. The overall layout and graphic appearance as well as the navigation of this CMS is made to fulfill the elegant desire inside of you who want to make an elegant suit or simple blog too.

Text Pattern

This CMS has a unique feature of nice and funny templates to fill in your new site or blog. Something like dialogue bubbles, posters, and the likes are included there to make a cute and unique site or blog of your own. The content management could also be done in a fun and unique way.

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