5 Ways How to Build a Mobile Website

mobile responsive web design template 5 Ways How to Build a Mobile WebsiteMobile site is another promising field of e-commerce. If you want to do it for a hobby, you could also do a lot of things with mobile website of your own. Sharing stories, your art, your hobbies, or even selling something, there are so many things you could do with mobile website. Here are easy  steps in making your own mobile website you can follow.

Main Course Only

When you are making mobile website, it is best hat you focuses only on the main menu of the site. You should not waste your space and bit in uploading side menus. Put everything that is the most important and update only on the mobile website. Make sure that you use the limited space in the mobile website as best as possible.

Optimize your Layout

Differences from the PC version, the mobile website version must optimize the visual layout of the experience. The design of your website is best used in an easy to navigate way. Make it easier for phone users to navigate from one place to another. The page size, the layout, it is best to keep everything sliding down instead of making it wider to the side. It will be easier for mobile user that way.

Change the Navigation

You have to change the navigation of the site too. When you want to make your site easy to read, you have to change the navigation different from the site you see in the PC. Put the brief introduction of the site at the front of the site, then you can put all the side menus on your mobile website under the introduction. Don’t put it on the side or don’t use too large banner for the options. You can still make it interesting even though you do not have to use a too large banner.

Reduce Text

Do no put too much text in your entry. Make it brief yet still appealing. You can upload low quality image to help you to convey what you want to to the visitor. Low quality image is important because with that, you won’t have to wait for too long during the loading progress.

Utilize Mobile Unique Devices

Remember that you are designing website for mobile. That means you can make additional service on your site that responses or utilizes the various unique functions of a mobile phone. That way, there are so many things you can add to your website such as camera feature or easy uploading.

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