5 Common Local Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make

Marketing your business doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. In this modern, online age, it’s very easy to get lost in the endless sea of information and marketing options out there. Inexpensive marketing options are everywhere, but they are not all of benefit to you and your business unless they are used wisely. Learning which platforms are effective and which are a waste of your time is the first step to having an efficiently run marketing campaign for your business. Here are a few common mistakes that businesses make when looking at local marketing.

  1. Not hiring a specialist. The first thing that you need to consider when marketing your local business online, is to hire a professional. SignPost, Inc. is a great example of a full service online marketing company specializing in dealing with smaller local businesses. These kinds of companies should cover a variety of tasks relatively quickly that would otherwise take up an enormous amount of your valuable time. Some focuses may include online reviews, email and SMS marketing, customer profiling and online presence.
  2. Not Keeping things simple for the consumer. Your online marketing campaign should be streamlined so that any potential customers are only a click away from purchasing something from your business. This means that your website needs to be as simple as possible and ultra user-friendly. People have very little patience for paragraph after paragraph of text and will end up navigating elsewhere.
  3. Not claiming your online pages. If your business name is a string of commonly used words in the English language, then chances are your ideal dot com address will be taken. To make things as easy as possible for your customers, you’ll want to claim your domain name as early as possible to ensure you’re not paying a ridiculous sum for it. Other online platforms that will need to be claimed include Google Places, Yelp pages, and foursquare. These are all resources for customers to not only locate you in the Internet realm but also in the real, brick and mortar world.
  4. Not mobile friendly. If your website or blog isn’t viewable on an iPhone then you may as well quit while you’re ahead. The world is moving forward at a rapid rate and people are coming to rely on their iPhones and smartphones more and more. This means that their online shopping habits are centered around their phone habits. Be sure to tailor your online presence so that it is iPhone and smartphone friendly.
  5. Out of date information. This one goes without saying really, but if you’ve changed addresses, phone number, logo, emails or anything for that matter, people need to be updated and all platforms online need to be current with these details across the board. So be sure to update all your social media pages, make announcements about any changes and update all printed stationary. Potential customers can get confused very easily, and this equates to loss of business.

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