5 Ways in Securing Your WordPress Website

wordpress security plugin 5 Ways in Securing Your WordPress WebsiteWhen you woke up in the morning and found out you could not access your own WordPress, panic is very understandable. Being hacked is an experience that ruins everything in your world, moreover if the one that is being hacked is your highly important account. So it is important to safeguard your WordPress. Here are useful tips you can use to secure your WordPress.

Strengthen your Password

This is the basic way to protect your WordPress account. Strengthening your password also applies to your other online accounts. Use Upper and Lower case combination as well as number in your password. You have to make your account password as complex as possible. It will give hackers a hard time cracking that kind of password and thus, your account will be even better protected.

Update your WordPress Version

Updating your WordPress is also another way to strengthen your WordPress account. How is that so? When you update new version of your WordPress, that means you are updating many bugs, fixes, and security holes that might be left in your old version account. Updating the version fixes the holes and upgrade the security system of your account as well.

Hiding Your Plugins

It is very understandable that you surely install plugins for your WordPress account. It is normal since WordPress won’t be half as fun if you do not install any plugin for your account. Now if you hide your plugins, you could lower the risk of your account being hacked. How do you hide your plugins? Submit blank index.html in your plugin directory in your WordPress. Make the file by opening notepad, save the blank page as index.htm. You upload that to your plugin directory and you are done in hiding your plugins.

AskApache Extra Layer

You can upgrade an extra layer to your security service by using the AskApache service. You can add more layers to the security service. Visit here http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/askapache-password-protect/ and you can have your password protected even more.

WP-DB Backup Plugins for your Data Backup

Installing the data Plugin could be another way to make the account become even more protected. If someday your account is hacked, you can still have all the posts and various data from your account backups.

Those are things you could use to protect your account from hacker. Those are things that seem to be troublesome to be done but once you have done it, you will have a better protected account.

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