5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Used Laptop

Purchasing a used laptop can often be a crapshoot. You never know if you are going to turn on the computer and get a blank screen. You could also think you are buying a laptop that is in good condition and then wind up with a lemon that breaks down a few months later. This is exactly why you want to make a number of considerations before you make your purchase. Not only do you want to make sure the laptop works, but you also want to find out if there is a warranty. Here are five factors to consider when purchasing a used laptop.

  1. Does it work? Of course, you want to make sure the computer actually works. Sure, the seller may tell you that the computer works and the advertisement may say that the laptop is in working condition, but you may want to turn the laptop on and you want to test out all the functions.
  2. Have there been recent software updates? Most computers require some kind of software update. These updates ensure that the newest version of a certain type of operating platform is on the computer. Having the newest version of these platforms is important for the sake of having the newest and fastest programs, but also for the sake of security. Oftentimes, older platforms have security loopholes that can invite hackers and bugs. Before purchasing a computer, it is important to ask about recent software updates, because you don’t want there to be any major viruses lurking in the computer’s mainframe.
  3. How old is the computer? It is also important to ask about the age of the computer. The truth is that a lot of technologies become obsolete. For instance, an older laptop may have an older operating system that makes it impossible to update to the newest platform. Moreover, older computers may be slower and the screen may be of poor quality. If you are looking for a deal, you may want to go with an older computer, from a retailer like Used-PCs.com. If you want to spend a little more, you probably want to go with a newer laptop.
  4. Is there a warranty? On top of considering the age of the computer, you also want to find out if there is a warranty. This is a worthwhile question to ask, because some people may be selling a used laptop with a warranty that is still active. With an active warranty, you can have a little more security. The truth is that most used laptops will not have a warranty, but it won’t hurt to ask.
  5. Is the seller reputable? On top of everything, you also want to make sure that the seller is reputable. If you are purchasing a computer from an online seller, you want to make sure the payment gateway is safe. In the end, you may also want to do your research about the seller – just to make sure there are no negative reviews.

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