5 Features to Look for in a Project Management App

Whether you are a busy business owner or a freelancer working on a million projects at once – having a project management application on your smartphone is critical. It may be just as important as having a personal assistant. If you don’t have an assistant, your project management app will act like one, which can be a huge benefit for people that may not be able to afford a full time or part time assistant. A project management app will be by your side 24/7. This is why you want to find an application that can really help you manage your tasks – day in and day out. Here are five features to look for in a project management app.

  1. Cloud disbursement across platforms and devices. If you read the tech news, likeĀ TechieIO, you’ll know that the cloud has reached almost every facet of technology. When it comes to a project management app, having cloud capabilities is important, because what if you want to use your project management app across different platforms and hardware?
  2. A calendar function with notifications. Having a calendar is a must on a project management application. Not only will you be able to list your appointments by dates and times, but you can also switch on settings that allow your device to alert you when you have a new task to complete or appointment to go to. If you never want to be late for a meeting or deadline, this functionality is incredibly important.
  3. Specific functionality for the type of industry or position you are in. When it comes down to it, each industry and position within that industry will have very specific requirements for different functions. For instance, a CEO may want a function that allows him or her to see all the numbers and fiscal projections from a bird’s eye view. A freelancer, on the other hand, may want to be able to switch between different clients to make sure each project is progressing. When you are looking for a project management app, you want to look for these features.
  4. Time tracking that enables you to monitor your hours. Time tracking is another important feature, especially for freelancers that charge on an hourly basis. When it comes down to it, it can be easy to lose track of hours. This is why you want to have some kind of feature that can be switched on when you start working. These numbers can be used as proof to your client that you worked a certain number of hours – so there won’t be any disputes.
  5. The ability to share your work or your screen for live collaboration. No matter what industry you are in, the ability to share your screen, and work on projects simultaneously, is incredibly important. This is why you want your project management app to have a function that makes collaboration possible. You may even want a function that allows you the opportunity to share screens. In the end, this can make collaborations much more efficient and it can greatly increase productivity.

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