How to Make the Most of Your Small Business Website

Your business website is a portal – between you and your customers. This is why you want to take your website and the design of your website very seriously. If you sell products on your website, this is especially important. If your website is difficult to navigate and if you have too many pages to click through until you get to a product or the checkout page, there is a good chance that you are going to lose revenue. Moreover, you can also use your website to direct traffic to your social media pages and to build your newsletter list. Here are some ways to make the most out of your small business website.

  1. Encourage people to sign up for a newsletter. If you have a newsletter list, you should have a link where people can sign up. This is a great way to use your website to build an email list. Email lists are incredibly powerful when it comes to sending out information on new products or news about your company. On your website, you can place the newsletter sign up form someplace where people can see it, like the homepage.
  2. Provide links to a social media page. On top of providing a link to a newsletter list, you also want to provide links to your social media presence. You can place these links at the top of your site or below your site – someplace that people can see when they are scrolling around. You can also place social media share links on photos and below blog posts to further push the strength of your social media campaign.
  3. Make your site simple to navigate. If your site is difficult to navigate, it will be harder for people to find their way around and your bounce rate will skyrocket. Ideally, you want to keep people on your site long enough so that they make a purchase. This is called a conversion. Conversion rates are directly linked to the number of people that bounce away. One of the best ways to boost your conversion rate is to lower your bounce rate.
  4. Implement measures to make your site safer. Is your site unsafe? Are there loopholes that could make data and financial theft possible? If you answered yes to both those questions, you may want to hire a special consulting firm, like DKBInnovative, to make your site safer. A consulting firm will make sure that you don’t have any bugs, because those bugs could wind up hurting your sales and customers may become dissuaded from shopping on your site.
  5. Create amazing content. Content is king, especially in this day and age. Not only will content boost your SEO, but it will also start to attract customers. It may even be important to add content on a semi-regular basis. However, for the content to have a serious impact, it needs to be incredible. In the end, no matter what you are selling, people will want to keep coming back for great content.

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