5 Passive Income Strategies For Web Designers

Passive Income 5 Passive Income Strategies For Web DesignersBeing a web designer, it is not everyday we get orders or clients wanting us to make a site. When the day of no job comes, you need some passive incomes in stocks so you will not lose your money source even when jobs are scarce.

There are a lot of things you can do with your knowledge alone. Here are tips on how making your passive income from your skills in our designing.

Offer Consultation Service

You have the knowledge on how to design a web properly and how to attract customers in marketing. You can use that knowledge to open up your new marketing consultant service. This service can help those new marketing businessman how to do things in their new world. You can offer service of web designing basic lessons for those who want too. This can be another money source while you have no web to make.

Selling Themes and Templates

There is nothing wrong in making new themes and templates even when you do not have any job on that. Make templates and themes as best as you could, then sell them at Template Forest or make your own template and themes online shop. This way, your creativity could still find its way to be expressed and you can still use them for your money source.

Making How Tos and E-Books

You can also put your knowledge into making simple instructions on making certain things or something that is related to web designing. This will definitely work because there are a lot of people who want to learn web designing bits by bits. You can answer that demand by providing bits by bits information and simple how tos. E-book also works well as your source of money too.

Designing T-Shirts

You can also put your designing skills to use in making T-shirts. Create a unique shirt and you can either submit your design to a T-shirt production company or you can make the T-shirt yourself and sell it yourself too. If you can make T-shirt with interesting design, you will be able to get the income flowing to your wallet.

Taking Advantage of Old Graphic File

If you have some old vector files that your client refuse, you can use them to earn some extra cash. Polish them up and upload it on Graphic River or Video Hive. From there, you can earn extra money.

Those are several things you can do as extra income. You do not necessarily have to choose one of several of those methods. Do all if you can and there will be more money you can make even when you don’t have any job request.

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